Thank you for visiting this page. The following information is intended to help explain how the committee structure works at the Eastern College Athletic Conference. We encourage you to review the information and to consider joining your professional peers in working to improve the ECAC.

Membership Criteria:

• Must be a current athletic administrator.

• Individual must be from a current ECAC member institution or conference.

• Individual can be an emerging athletic administrator, such as an intern, graduate assistant, coordinator, etc.

Committee Make-Up:

•  Each committee will strive to have an equal number from Division I, II, and III.  The overall number will be determined by the Board of Directors.

•  One member will serve as chair of the Committee.

•  Each Committee will also have one current ECAC Board member.

•  One Committee representative can be an “emerging athletic administrator” (i.e., Intern, GA, Coordinator, etc.) from a current ECAC institution.

•  Each Committee will have an ECAC staff liaison assigned to assist with the Committee operations including scheduling meetings, minute distribution, etc.

Terms of Appointment:

•  Committee terms are for three years and individuals are eligible for reappointment.

Meeting Schedule:

•  Each Committee will conduct three to four meetings (fall, winter, spring, and summer) per year including one in-person meeting. 

•  Subcommittees may have additional conference calls during the year.

How to get involved:

•  Committee members must be nominated from a current ECAC member institution or may self-nominate.

•  For more information on ECAC committees, please phone Joyce Lambert in the ECAC Office, (508) 771-5060, extension 235.

Current Committees (click on links to see roster and committee description):