Dr. Donald Grover Memorial Award

In 2005, the family of Dr. Donald Grover established a restricted fund within the ECAC to present an annual award to a practicing athletics trainer and/or team physician. 

During his career, Dr. Grover was very involved with Syracuse University athletics and became committed to the value of collegiate athletics and the involvement of the athletic training profession. A committee of athletic trainers has been established to review nominees.

John Davis, Montclair State University, was the recipient of the inaugural award in 2005 and Charles Redmond, Springfield College, in 2006.   

The award committee applies the following criteria during its considerations:

  • The award may be given to nominees who have rendered such meritorious service to intercollegiate athletics as may seem sufficient to entitle them to this honor.
  • For the purposes of defining the position, an eligible candidate must be or has been an athletics trainer at an ECAC member institution.
  • Meritorious service is defined as leadership and unusual service over and above the normal duties expected of an athletics trainer, highlighted by the following areas of accomplishment:

    Active participation and leadership in affairs and/or committees of the their respective conferences, regional and national athletic training organizations.

    Displayed a cooperative and caring attitude in offering their own professional and personal expertise and assistance to conference programs, services and member institutions.

    Improvement of the athletics program at his or her institution without sacrifice of standards.

    Improvement of relationship between the athletics department and the administration of his or her institution.

To nominate an individual, please complete the Donald Grover Award Nomination Form

Previous Recipients

2013 Amanda Nicoles, Emerson College
2012 (none awarded)
2011 (none awarded)
2010 (none awarded)
2009 Zafir “Zaf” Bludevich, Saint Michael's College
2008 Joe Camillone, The College of New Jersey
2007 A.J. Duffy, Widener College
2006 Charles Redmond, Springfield College
2005 John Davis, Montclair State University