George L. Shiebler Award

This award is presented annually to an ECAC official who has demonstrated dedication to his avocational activities.  This award is named after George L. Shiebler, former ECAC commissioner, in honor of his leadership over the many years he was associated with eastern collegiate athletics.

To nominate an individual, please complete the George L. Shiebler Nomination Form

Previous Recipients:

2013 Bob Appleyard (rowing)
2012 Ken Achiron (gymnastics)
2011 Paul Levy (fencing)
2010 Kevin McGoff (basketball, soccer)
2009 Dennis Redding (football)
  Bill Ward (football)
2008 William Sapelli (hockey)
2007 Tom Lopes (basketball)
2006 Walter Bentson (baseball)
2005 Reta Brown (women's soccer)
  Tom Meagher (track & field)
2004 Tom O'Connor (basketball)
  John Spencer (football)
2003 John Garnjost (rowing)
  Charlie Lee (soccer)
2002 Paul W. "Frosty" Francis (basketball)
2001 Ed Gaffney (soccer)
2000 Larry Byrne (track & field)
  Bob Quinn (ice hockey)
1999 Art Farnham (track & field)
1998 Albert Benson (ECAC supervisor of football officials)
1997 Howard Smith (rowing)
1996 Dick Aronson (gymnastics)
1995 Emily T. Magoon (field hockey, lacrosse)
1994 Howard M. Schmertz (track & field)
1993 Joseph Stetz (swimming & diving)
1992 William "Hutch" Hutchinson (ice hockey)
1991 Mat Finkelson (tennis)
1990 Norman Van Arsdalen (basketball)
1989 Joseph P. Warren (football)
1988 Heliodoro R. Rico (track & field)
1987 Charles Diehl (basketball)
1986 Lou Bonder (baseball, basketball)
1985 Rocco Montano (soccer)
1984 Pascal J. Perri (wrestling)
1983 John J. Daly (football, ice hockey)
1982 William J. Stewart (baseball, football, ice hockey)
1981 David B. Fawcett (football)
1980 Irwin W. Weiss (basketball, football, track & field)
1979 John A. Goldner (basketball, IC4A track & field)
1978 Hon. Richard Aronson (rowing)
1977 Charles J. Blanford (track & field)