Katherine Ley Award

The Katherine Ley Award was established in 1983 for the purpose of honoring an eastern women's athletics administrator who exemplifies the values and characteristics displayed by Katherine Ley which include: a strong proponent of women's issues; a creator of programs and opportunities for women in athletics; an idea person; a role model for women coaches and administrators; a person of demonstrated leadership, one who has the ability to make things happen and the ability to work with others; a person with a sense of what the past has to offer and what the future may bring; a person with a sense of humor that makes good times better and bad times easier to bear.

In 1966, Ley was one of the founders of the Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics for Women, the forerunner of the Association of Intercollegiate Athletics for Women.  After serving a 12-year tenure at the State University College at Cortland as chair of Physical Education and Athletics for Women, Ley became athletics director at Capital University in Ohio.  At the time, she was one of only two women athletic administrators heading both men's and women's athletics.

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Previous Recipients:

2013 Sue Petersen Lubow, United States Merchant Marine Academy
2012 Suzanne Coffey, Amherst College
2011 Lynn Oberbillig, Smith College
2010 Patricia Henry, Harvard University
2009 Irma Garcia, St. Francis College (N.Y.)
2008 Lauren Anderson, University of Rhode Island
2007 Barbara Chesler, Yale University
2006 Joan Taylor, Brown University
2005 Josie Harper, Dartmouth College
2004 Sue Crosby-Tangen, Bridgewater State College
2003 Rita Castagna, Assumption College
2002 Dr. Suzanne Tyler, University of Maine
2001 Barbara J. Church, Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference
2000 Mary Ann Hitchen, University of Delaware
1999 Mary Barrett, University of Massachusetts-Boston
1998 Diane Potter, Springfield College
1997 Eve Atkinson, Lafayette College
1996 Betty Kruczek, Fitchburg State College
1995 Doris Soladay, Syracuse University
1994 Louise Albrecht, Southern Connecticut State University
1993 Louise O'Neal, Wellesley College
1992 Jenepher Shillingford, Bryan Mawr College
1991 Jane Betts, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
1990 Arlene Gorton, Brown University
1989 Della Durant, Pennsylvania State University
1988 Sharon Taylor, Lock Haven University
1987 Eleanor R. Lemaire, University of Rhode Island
1986 Jeanne Rowlands, Northeastern University
1985 Dr. Leotus Morrison, James Madison University
1984 Jessie A. Godfrey, Binghamton University