2.5 Obligation to Participate

2.5.1 Withdrawal Procedure: In team championships, institutions that declare their intent to participate in ECAC championships may withdraw without financial penalty if such withdrawal is initiated by an athletics administrator by noon Eastern Standard Time the Friday prior to the selection conference call to select the field.  Written notification must be given to both:  The regional/divisional chair  The ECAC office

2.5.2 Penalties for withdrawal after the Friday deadline: A member institution that elects not to participate in a team championship and fails to withdraw from consideration for selection in accordance with 2.5.1 shall be subject to the following penalties imposed by the ECAC Championships Committee.  A $500.00 fine  The institution's team shall be declared ineligible to participate in that sponsored championship for the next year.

2.5.3 Penalties for Non-Acceptance of Bid: A member institution that fails to accept a bid to participate in the ECAC championship following its selection shall be subject to the following penalties be the ECAC Championships Committee.  A $500.00 fine  The institution's team shall be declared ineligible to participate in that ECAC sponsored championship for the next year.

2.5.4 The member institution may appeal the ECAC Championships Committee decision through the ECAC Executive Council.

2.5.5 Individual Championships: In individual championships, consult the specific sport policies.

2.7 Determination of Sites in Team Championships. Only those institutions who have filed a certificate of insurance (see Article 2, p.8 paragraph 2.4.3) are eligible to host.

2.7.1 Committee Authority.  Each selection committee shall have sole discretion as to the selection of the site for its championship games.

2.7.2 Time Frame.  Campus sites shall be determined at the time the competing field is selected. 

2.7.3 Considerations.  The top-seeded team will be given first consideration for hosting a championship. The selection committee will consider all participating teams in accordance with the the following factors:  Overall availability and condition of facilities.  Minimizing travel costs to competing teams.  Potential to generate income.  An institution's ability to comply with "Official Agency" requests.

2.7.4 Playing Format and Sites.  The selection committee shall determine at the time of the conference call that selects the competing teams, the playing format and sites for all the championship games.

(See Championship Sites...) The geographic locations of the competing teams shall be considered when determining whether play may be conducted at the highest seed throughout or whether a semifinal and final game shall be conducted at one site, in an effort to reduce the travel hardships that may occur and minimize expenses to participating teams. 

2.7.5 Sport Policy Reference. Refer to specific sport policies where variations of the general policies may apply.