1. Schedule a room for pre-game meeting. 

A meeting will be scheduled 60 minutes prior to the start of the first game.

  • If two games or semifinals are to be played at the same site, the second pre-game meeting will begin at half-time of the first game.
  • The following must attend pre-game meeting:

a. Representative from both team's coaching staff (preferable head coach)

b. Tournament Director

c. Host sports information director (to discuss MVP award and selection committee)

d. Officials/referees

e. ECAC staff representative (during semifinal and championship games only)

2. Confirm the format of championship with ECAC

3. Confirm game times and travel plans with visiting schools.

  • Allow time for warm up and practice prior to the start of the first game. Once game times are confirmed, inform ECAC office of schedule. If there are changes in the schedule, the ECAC must be notified.

4. Display ECAC banner during semi-final and final rounds of an ECAC championship event. 

  • Banners will be sent to all host institutions.

5. Make locker rooms available for all visiting teams and officials. 

  • Signage should be posted to inform visiting teams of their locker room assignments.

6. Arrange for scoreboard and public-access system

  • The appropriate support personnel must also be provided.

7. Review responsibilities of the host sports information director. 

  • A separate checklist is also provided in the championship manual.
  • The SID checklist provides information regarding programs, awards presentation, MVP selection and general promotion of the event.

8. Confirm receipt of awards.

  • Awards will be forwarded to the highest seed that has been selected to host any round of the ECAC championship.
  • Examine the awards for accuracy.
  • Call the ECAC office (508/771-5060 ext. 243) regarding all issues associated with the awards.

9. Confirm the assignment of officials with the ECAC only in the sports of men's and women's soccer, football, baseball and softball.

  • In all other sports, the host institution is responsible for obtaining officials/referees and payment for their officiating services. The cost will be applied to the championship cost-sharing formula.

10. Secure trainer and medical staff for all contests.

11. Coordinate efforts with maintenance staff to prepare fields and/or facilities well in advance of the arrival of the visiting teams.


508/778-4935 (fax)