Sport Information Downloads

Sports Information Directors:

Below are some of the downloads to be used during the team championships throughout the year, in programs and releases/advertising.

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        ECAC 75th Logo (jpeg)

        ECAC 75th Logo (eps)

        ECAC (jpeg)

        ECAC (eps)


Sports Specific Logos

ECAC Baseball (jpeg)
ECAC Soccer (jpeg)
ECAC Basketball (jpeg) ECAC Softball (jpeg)
ECAC Cross Country (jpeg)
ECAC Swimming & Diving (jpeg)
ECAC Field Hockey (jpeg) ECAC Tennis (jpeg)
ECAC Football (jpeg) ECAC Indoor Track & Field (jpeg)
ECAC Golf (jpeg) ECAC Outdoor Track & Field (jpeg)
ECAC Lacrosse (jpeg) ECAC Volleyball (jpeg)








      ECAC Sponsor Page (JPG)


        ECAC Story Page (PDF)


*For any other items, contact the ECAC Communications department*