Any institutions wishing to host a championship must indicate so on its declaration form.  The host institution also needs to complete the host availability / facility survey and key contact information located within the declaration form.  The ECAC will no longer require an institution wishing to host to submit proposed budgets or request waivers for charging admissions.

Host institutions must supply a copy of their current general liability policy to the ECAC before the start of competition.  The institution must name the ECAC as an additional insured for the championship dates only.

The top-seeded team will be given first consideration for hosting preliminary, semifinal and championship rounds.  However, the selection committee will consider the remaining seeds in accordance with these factors:

  1. Overall availability and condition of facilities;
  2. Minimizing travel costs to competing teams (e.g., if three teams are selected from one side of the state and the highest seeded team is from the other side of the state, sports committees will consider another team to host the event in order to minimize the costs associated with the event); and
  3. An institution's ability to comply with ECAC "Official Agency" contracts.

Geographic / Economic Factors

The following factors should be considered in addition to the Selection Criteria during the seeding process, in an effort to reduce travel costs and time as well as improve the overall experience for competing institutions.  These factors should not be considered until after the initial competing institutions are selected.

Travel distance for quarterfinal round games

Travel costs for quarterfinal round games

Avoiding repeat competition from regular season for quarterfinal round games