ECAC Officiating Bureau Polices and Procedures

ECAC Officiating Mission Statement

To provide the best possible officiating services for conferences, member institutions and officials by enhancing levels of communication, education and evaluation.

Officiating Objectives

  • Create educational programs for officials and coaches.
  • Develop an effective level of communication between staff, coordinators, officials and coaches.
  • Develop clear and concise methods of communicating assignments to membership and officials.
  • Develop high level of loyalty among officials and coaches.
  • Increase the pool of officials.
  • Identify additional sports to create new officiating bureaus.
  • Increase expectations of coordinators.
  • Develop policies and procedures for each officiating bureau.
  • Evaluate and promote a positive relationship with all officials’ organizations (EAIFO).
  • Disseminate playing rule updates and interpretations.
  • Maximize staff efficiency with each bureau.


Officials Locker Room

All of our member schools should provide a safe, secure and clean locker room. Officials should not share a locker with either team nor should spectators, coaches, administrators be allowed in the officials' locker/dressing room. The officials should be provided with water or soda at halftime and post game, clean towels and a safe parking area.

Cancellation or Postponement of games

It is the responsibility of the athletic director and/or host athletic department to use the following procedures when an athletic contest is cancelled or postponed:

  1. The home team athletic department is responsible for notifying the officials of any game postponement or cancellations in sufficient time to preclude the official's departure to the game site. Failure to do so places the responsibility on the home team for payment of officials.
  2. The official should contact the home athletic director and/or coach prior to leaving for a game when he/she thinks the contest maybe cancelled or postponed due to inclement weather. The officials will remain assigned to any rescheduled game unless they are unavailable.
  3. The athletic department of the home team is responsible for notifying the ECAC Officiating Bureau Office immediately via PHONE AND E-MAIL of any game changes, postponements and/or cancellations.

Final Game Notice

The athletic department should review the final game notice two weeks prior to a schedule game to check for any errors of time or game date.

Schedule Changes

Notify the ECAC Officiating Bureau Office of any schedule changes (date, time, venue, etc.) as soon as possible.

Rating Officials

Each athletic director and head coach are requested to rate each official on the ECAC online system after each game.


Two seats in the press box,if space permits, and parking near the official's locker room should be provided all ECAC observers.

Playoff and Post Season Games

All games will be assigned by the ECAC. All game officials must be at the game site 90 minutes prior to each game.


Officials' Schedules

Officials must go online daily at to check for schedule changes. New game assignments not confirmed within 24 hours will be reassigned.

Prior to Game/Match/Contest Phone Calls

The referee of each game is required to contact each official in his game prior to each game to be sure each official is all set. This simple phone call will eliminate any problems.

Ejection Report

The referee must submit an ejection report within 24 hours of any player being ejected so all interested parties may be informed.

Referee's Phone Calls

All referees must immediately notify via phone, the ECAC of any problems that may have occurred in his/her game.

Clinics and Meetings

All officials must attend the preseason clinic/interpretation meeting each year.

Physical Conditioning

All officials must be in good physical condition and must pass a doctor's physical. Any official deemed not physically fit may not receive any assignments.

Pre-Game Dress

For all assignments, officials must arrive at a game site in neat and clean casual attire. However, it is always more impressive when officials arrive at the game site dressed in semi-formal attire.

No Alcohol

No alcohol shall be consumed on any campus. This includes parking lots adjacent to the arena/ field/stadium. Any official violating this policy will be suspended.